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needs to grow. >> the ad promotes a tax credit that helps bio tech companies in maryland but ehrlich claims he made up the credit five years ago. o'malley camp said he just sponsored that (inaudible). >> >> we're proud of the fact that we were able to reauthorize that bio tech tax credit. it was a great idea that came from the legislature in 2005. and, i believe, we're the only state in the country to have increased that bio tech tax credit in the last year. >>the governor said 40,000 new jobs were created in the state of maryland in only the past four months. stay with us for the latest on the race for governor, go to and click on the vote 2010 icon in the news features section. >> arundel county council approves the zoning change allowing homeowners to build windmills. they can be as high as 125 feet. building them on property smaller than 3 acres, however, would require a public hearing and county approval. >> west nile virus. is found in the state of maryland, for the first time this summer. the virus is found in a mosquito pool in lithacom last week. that area h
virginia is upping the annie on maryland. ú% live, in high definition, is fox 45 news "late edition". >> good evening, i am jennifee giibert. jeff bbrnd is off toniiht the and puts a lot of people at-risk.3 person was found dead in a home in baltimore..3 the air temperature inside of %-and so far, this year, eight people have died in maryland because of the hhat. and that stresses the importance of tryyng to stay cool in weather liie this. -> but stayiig cool is sink up a -ot oo energy. a warning from bge tonighttas sky high.d for eeeetricity is and keith daniels live in north baltimore with theeutility commany'' plan to hhlp preventt3 potential power problems.3 keithh >>well, jennifer, stand on anyyú day or nnght. in fact, bge said the hot than usual ddmand,,for customers to help ppevent, or help keep the power flowing. -ow bge workers are monitoring the electric grid syssem that powers 13 states, includingg3 maryland, in tis region. and they say that the increase %-overheat eeuipmmnt, which can result in power outages. -nd to prevent that, the utility company wants customers to
to reallyystart to climb here in maryland. >> when we go to las vegas, i doo't drink. and i don't gamble. >> but she suue likes to roll this woman's mind boggling collection. >> why comcast may actuully owe you money for a change. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition"..3 barnd is off tonight. a 13-year-old girl rapee in annapolis. and investigators say the man that did it is a man already convicted of a violent sex crime. policc say he picked up the girl and 3 other young females in dundalk and drove them to annapolis and a home, where he raped one girl. keith daniels gives us a closer look at what led policc to the suspect. >> well, karen, we'reeon strat3 suspect picked up thehere the 13-yearrold girl, and 3 of her friends. police have arrested and charged 28-year-old james mason, iii ú%her charges. ú%w deeectives say mason drooe the ggrls teffiend'sshouse in annapolis, where he offered thee aacohol aad marijuana. and police say he raped the 13-year-old girl. and they say her friends looked for helpp >> t a certain .1 of the juvenil
. >> the whole bed started to shake. >> maryland's earthquake, what where most of the shakingity happened. >> and a museum sleep over. what you will have to do to get $10,000, and a free place to stay, for a month. >> live in high definition, from -bff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". i am aren paaks, jefffbarnd is off onight. baltimore county police have arrestee two men, in the beating deathhof a lansdowne man. keith daniels is live at the highland village townhomes where the man's own neighbor is accussd of murder. good evening again keith. >> well, karen good evening. he lived here statttis townhome. and tonight police say ne 70 and suspects lived right next door, to the victim. now police arrived on the scene. and late last night. and detectives say according to witnesses, smith aw 19-year-old tayssaun raheem rying to pry open a front window. charging documenns said raheem was with troy barnes smith's neighbor. investigators say he opened the door and onfronted him. and both suspects forced wayy3 inside. and detectives say raheem hit smith innthe head with a
agnes hospital. >> feels like 115. >> pace yourself. drink a lot of water. that's maryland weather. if you don't like it, wait a second. it will change. >> our top story, the temperature hitting highs that are hard to believe. tonight the city takes a break from brutal daytime sun. but has to prepare for another day of triple digit temperatures. as baltimore bakes. >> well, four days of triple digit temperatures this year. today broke a record for one of the hottest in baltimore's history. how to the got coming up in the forecast. but first, all of this heat is posing a danger to our health. pollution from tail pipes and smoke stacks mixed with the sun is a dangerous combination. healthy people can be affected. best thing to do is limit the time you spend outside. >> what happens is that people can go outside, they will breathe in large amounts of the grand level -- ground level ozone, lungs are irritated may suffer coughing spells. shortness of breath. >> this weather is especially dangerous for children. they take in even more air than adults, and can suffer long-term lung damage
-life threatening injuries. >> tonight, a lot of frustrrtion witt public transportation, in the state of maryland. marc train were strand fodhours, in 90-degreeeheat. this week a train from dc tt ballimore skipped a stop at oden tonight governor said thh state is spending a lot of money to fix those problems. >> here is our question of the3 day. do you trust public %-so far 33 percent say yes. 67 percent say nn. nicole writts on faceeook.franky behind a killlng machhne. car, plane, rain, tractor. whaaever. but another viewer defends tte workers, sort of. ú%ey are overworked under aid. so this will be happening a lot. >>>bob ehrlich is attacking the3 o'malley administration, for its response to the trouble with mass transit. one week after governor o'malley took this ride, on a marc train, ehrlich said ttat passengers still face naccepttble failures. %-riders addisory council..3for today the governor fired baak. >> governor ehrlich doesn't know much about government. never careddabout government..3 really ranked transit very, very low on hhs list of priorities even in easier times. i have surr
and could be charged with reckless endangerment or childú abbse. there is, however, a law in maryland, to avoiddthis sort of situation from happening. >> this baby and mother wereú saved. %-been catastrophic.ould haae it would have been not just baby and mooher. if you find yourself ever in this situation, maryland has a safe haven law, you can take your baby, to the nearest police ú%ation, fire station, or hospital. >> a mother has 10 daysú following the birth of a child to surrender the baby, and avoid any llgal ction. in this case, that did not -appen. joy lepola, fox 45 news "late edition". >> residents in charles village and city leaders stood together3 >> thiss i a tremendous,. tremendous mooel of community. >> he gave up his wallet. they had no reason o kill him. to stab him. >> i say enough is enough. lets band together. >> theecrowd surrounded the tree where stephen itcairn was robbed and murdered last weekend. nnighbors say this is not the first violenttcrime in the area. and they are looking to leaders to keep them safe. >> we will figure, and we will scheme, and we w
would not say where or when that incident took place. >> a maryland state trooper bruce alan tucker 13 year veteran accused of possession charges have ben caught ú--> i live next door to aght. maryland state trooper, you feel safe. and you actually got omeeody like that. it is shocking. tonight. he is currently suspended >> firrt on foxxtonight. -epartment of natural resources ú%lice officer is charged with more than a dozen counts of sex abuse. as kathleen cairns reports, the victim is a young teenage girl. >> it is a lazy monday3 afternoon, on lynch cove in fishermen say they rarely see the department of natural resources police patrolling. but in april, on this same dockk one woman tells us that she witnessed an encounter, a dnr officer had with her dad. >> e was just going own there to fish. and he didn't have his rods in the water or aything. and the cop was really rude about it. gave him a ticket. >> her ffther plans to go to court to fight tte civii ú%tation. and meanwhile that's the same week the officer that graduated from the accdemm tww years ago will have his own cou
was faking it. >> insanity deffnse. evidence that could keee a maryland woman accused of killing her husband out of prison. >> hundreds of guns. them on display today. >> suspecteddrrssian spice unddr arrest. why there is still an international man hunt. >> and getting stuck in the wall. how it saved one man's life. >>>live in high definition, from fox 45 news "late edition". jenniffr is off. jury will soon decide if mary koontz knew what she was doing when she murdererd her husbbnd and tried to kill her daughter. doctors claim koontz was psychotic the day of the shootinns. >> much f tooay's testimony focused on whether mary koontz is lying about her mental illness. clinical psychologist took the stand this morning and told jurors kunst suffers from eight different mental disorddrs. dr. brandt testified that koontz was scott and i can delusional husband and attempted to shoot their daughter. >> when she was wwlking up from tte stteet to the house, she was seeing herself frrm a diitancc. out of body experience. -hat's the delusional base. it is this constant that ron was sexually abusing -he
and lightning roll ttrough most of maryland this afternooo. the stroog storms brought some much needed rain. but also left behind some damage. hello, i am jennifer gilbert. jeff barnd is off tonight. investigators are trying to figure out ii heavy rains and collapse of a vacant home in the city. clean up crews innwest baltimorr >> after workkng moot f the evening, crews have wrapped up deeolishing what is left of this homm in west baltimore. step aside and show. you can see bricks litter theú sidewalk. there is debris all over. peopll that live in this neighborhood are not happy. instead they are frustrated because they said the calls to the city about the vacant home went ignored for years. late this afternoon, the home at 608 west lafayette crashed to the ground. for years, the family that lives next door have been concerned and let the city know about their concerns, about the vacant house and tree growiig inside oo ii. but several calls to the city, they say, did absolutely nothing. and the home that sat vacant for now there is a damaged car,,3 destroyed house and a family insisting i
injuries are not believed to be life threatening. >> maryland was shaken awake this morning, a 3.6 magnitude their sleep, at 5:00. as kathleen cairns reports, the epicenter was in montggmery friday morning in germantown. while some residents work on -ome projects. >> all done. all finished. 5 a.m. wake-up call. >> everything shook. >> the whhle bed started to shake. and like this. >> the whole bed shakkng. room shaking. evvrything in the room was shaking. >> the surprise leads to speculatiin. >> wws it thunder? >> it wasn't thunder. >> was it a military plane >> it was sound that shocked me. >> aatomatically thought a house had blown up somewhere nearby. >> it felt like a truck ad hit the hhuse at first. and then the rattle. >> stephanie is a california ú%tive. ii reminded her of hollywood in ú%ny ways. >>the whole bed started to hake like ttis. like it shook. for about 20 seconds and ust >> experts have cracked the case. labeling it. -> 3.6 magnitude earthquake, epicenter was within a mile of here. >> i was not expectinn that at all. and it tottlly scared me. >> residdnts
head west. we will start to see less of a chance behind that front. so central maryland, warrer. and then just a slight chance oo an isolateddthunderstorm in the afternoon. weetern maryland. less of a chance there. ú% lookssliie nicer place to be for omorrow afternoon. partly cloudy skies..3 stiil hot though. humidity is up as well. pretty much all over the place for tomorrow. and 92 degrees is what you can expect in western maryyand. perhaps the best place to escape %-if you are headed doon there,ú on saturday. and a chance of isolated storms saturday afternoon..3 and thee sunday looks like the better day to be on the beach. 87 degrees for tte afternoon high. slightly cooler than what we will experience hhre. overnight, 74 down degrees. sticky as the front pushes %-scattered storms lingering. and fog possiile waking up especially the locations that do see the rain tonightt and then for tomorrow, we will %-and 93 degrees for the afternn high. ann winds outtof the west at five to 10. now as you can see, we hold onto the heat into the next five 92 on sunday with dry conditions.
". >> calming rain falls from the skies over the state of maryland. send peoppe sccambling for cover. hello gain, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. storm came fast and furiius and tonight a frantic search for a missing motorist. jeff abell shows what you say happened along the gwynns fallsú >> i have never seen it like this..3 >> with the water rose, neighbors came ring. downstream.otorist was swept crews raced to the sccne juss before 6:00. they found a car, submerged upside--own in the gwynns falls. >> we do not know if anyone was in the vehicle. we got a 911 call from a cell phone that actually went dead. >> crews haveespent the evening searching waterways. neighbors gathered aaong overpasses searching for any sign of life. >> i just hope it wasn't anybody i knew.3 i hope whoevvr it was, find them alive floating down the ssream. instead of deceased. >> jeff abell, ox 5 news "late edition". ú% tonight, rescue crews say it has bbcome a recovery mission. they have found the car, and pulled it from thh water. >> he tornado arniig thii evening cropped up very quickly. >> y
near camden yards. no word on how the man died. >> maryland natural resources police say annapolis man died after cauggt on a personal water craft during the storms last night. officials say 63-year-old warren smiih and another man weer riding two personal water craft near the bay bridge when the storm blew in. the men were unable to reach the shore at sandy point state park. second man was kicked off the craft. that man was able to get back o3 his craft, but smith was found floating face down in the water. >> last night's violent storms also caused damage across the state including prince george's county. where a tree fell on a mini van killing a woman. 44-year-old michele hue manck killed. friends remember her as a generous person. >> she came over and gave meea favorite blanket as a gift. that meant a lot to me. because it was her child's favorite blanket and she gave it to me. >> she was very generous? >> very generous and kind. and a good person. -> 64-year-old woman was also inside of the car, she was taken to an area hospital. no word on her condition. >> the weekend torms allo
the showerssmove out of few showers in western maryland3 but the front is sitting over the midwest. over indiana and ohio. some heavy storms about to make3 the way throogh hughes uville kennucky at this time. but that heads our direction by %-tomorrow.oon, evening and saturday so we have some relief on tte way in the form of rain and cooler temperatures. tomorrow looking at a highhin thh lower 90s. but we will get a few thunderrtorrs by late affernoon. back to you. >> thank you, vytas. >> unsealed ccurttdocuments revval new informaaion about th3 deadly beating of formerú baltimore staa ayeardley love. documents show conflicting infoomation about what loveewas her ex-boyfriend george huguely is accused of killing him, he told investigators love was wearing a black t-shirt the night of the murder. but witnesses ay when they found love she was only wearing underwear. huguely said the killing was an accident, but some lawyers say this evidence could prove premed tateed murder. >>>if, in fact, she was wearrng a t-shirt when he arrived. it was off the body at the time that she wassfound. that preced
. >> paramedics rushed the baby to gbmc where the child is underr3 doctor's carr but in the custody of maryland social services. for now, no charges have been filed. >> baltimore county police are also looking for a sexual predator in woodlawn. theee have been four incidents since june. a sketch of the attacker is plastered on mailboxes. in one caae he broke into a home wearing nothing but a t-shirt and socks. in another innident the female victim hit him ovvr the head and got away. >> as soon as i seen the picture on the mail box i was one. i would nottgo outside. locked my doors. i was completely terrified. >> his eyes freak me out. they just scare me. and he looks like he is up toono good. >> victiis helpee police come up with the sketch. >> princc george's jury indicts a maryland man that is a methodical serial killer. jason scott of upper marlboro is charged two counts of murder. accused of killing a mother and the two women were found inna burning car that was stolen. the killings are linked to a january 2009 slayyng of another mother and daughter. ttey were both found shot to death insi
at bwi thurgood maashall airport. and then haggrstown 100. in western maryland at ú% degrees. 97 the high in salsbury, right now we're sitting with some of the heat at 85 in d.c. and 7 in baltimore. so still the urban areas holdiig on to the heat,, nd the national weather service has issued a heat advisory for tomoorow. looking at hhat advisories up until 11:00, as we have the potential for the heat and the humidity is moving in. %-so we will bb stuck witt this heat foo the next few ays, as3 ú%gh pressure continues to bring the heat from the south that will ccntinue to move into play as we go through the next days ú%re. looking at theenext daa planner. %-plenty ffsunshine.ur commute. by lunch time, look at this. 96 degrees. very hot conditions. and we'reenot stopping there. it will continuu to get warmer through the day. i ill show you the est of the heat coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, vytas. declared today through wednesday code red alert heat days hat cooliig centers across the city -re open. waaer to anybody that nneds it. after ruuning out of bottled wattr
at the departmen. spreading to neighborhoods too. maryland unexpected number of retiiing officers, 42 officers left in june. more than the 17 who departed in the samm month last year. and 20 retired in june of 2008. the officers left n the days and weeks beforeecuts to pension benefits took effect. and tonight some residents bblieve the exodus could jeopardize public safety. >> every day that i am out and about and i see our officers on the street of baltimore city. i take out the time to thank them. without them, we would bee doomed. >> he department hassset public safett would not be compromised. and coomissiooer bealefield is hoppful, at least, 100 positions will be filled with thee3 graduation of twoopolice academy classes, at the end -- by the end of the yearr3 live in city police headduarters. keith daniels fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right, keith hank you. >> and police commisssiner bealefield testified at a city council hearing this evening about the department's discipline policy for off duty police involved incidents.ú the council wants to know what the rules are for off duty a
. they will be slower to cloud up because the system moves fromú west to east. in central maryland, expect a high of a comfortable 86. and partly cloudy and more clouds toward the evening, and overnight hours tomorrow night. western maryland difffrent story. they will pick up the showers earlier. then we will here in baltimore. 84, partly cloudy becoming mostly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms by tomorrow night. if you are headed down to the waterfront this weeeend. it looks like saturday is the best bet at the beach. 84. plenty of sunshine. because the rain is moving in on sunday. showers and thunderstorms, with a high of 83. sunday afternoon in ocean city. comfortable overnight tonight. schwa 63. some of the western counties could be cooler than that. it may be chilly out there. good night to open up the windows and turn off the ac. for tomorrow, 86 degrees. increasing cloudiness, by the afternnon. and with winds out of the northeast at five to 10 miles per hour. all right. the clouds come in omorrow night. by sunday, showers in the forecast. shhwers and thunderstorms. and we will hold on
affectuate an arrest because of it. -> an opinion he just rrleased by maryland attorney generalls office said not so fass. >> the attorney general's office is inteepreting what they believe theestatute said, and more ofttn than not, courtt will aaceet that interpretation. >> the opinion issued to these three delegates, states a police stop is not a private conversation. therefore, it is not covered by the state's wirr tap act. >> it is whetherr r not you have a reasonable expectaaion of privacy. >> a letter has been sent to heartford county ssate's attorney who tells fox 45 hh has yet to decide how he will3 proceed with his case against graber. joy lepola, fox 45 news "late edittonn. >> that brings us now to the question of the day. should you be allowed to videotape police officers on the job? so far, 83 percent say yes. while 17 percent say no. tonight t goes right along with reasonable exppctation of privacy. if i don't have it from police, why do they have it from me? >> political fallout after the murder of a young hopkins researcher. governor o'mallee calls the judge repeatedly allowed
to talk about jobs. joo creation. budget. budget deficit.3 what is next for tte stateeof maryland. >> for all the coverage of the 2010 campaign seassn, go to and click onúú. >> formerrfox 45 intern parrs -rug charges in ssuth africa today. smelled pot outsiie of a stadium where a world cup match was being played. the other woman pled guilty to possession charges. the judge dropped the charges against hilton. >> a terrible mix up in this bad economy, almost 60 teachers inn3 milwaukee got layoff noticcs bb mistake. according to their union. when the error was discovered, those teachers were given their jobs back. and othhr teachers given layoff nottces, including this one. >> i resigned my lease for my apartment, i am supposed to be leaving on vacation. >> the teachers' union is now newly laid off teachers. major mix up there..3 >> weather wise it ggts hotter from here. and you love that? >> loving every minute of it. >> you like it until we bake >> we need to get reedy for the return of just what was said. meteorologist emily gracey is forecast. hi em. here bite
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)